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Documents & Forms

New Client Form

If you are a new client, we encourage you to print and complete our New Client Form. Bringing this form already completed can save some time in the waiting room and maximize your time spent with our veterinary team.

Surgery & Dental Patients

Like you, our greatest concern is the well-being of your pet.  Before putting your pet under anesthesia we will perform a full physical examination and recommend a blood chemistry analysis.  Blood chemistry testing informs us if your pet’s vital organs are functioning normally.  Such tests are especially important before any kind of anesthesia or surgery.

Reproduction Forms

You can now print our Freeze Packet Forms (required for initial collection and freezing appointments), Release of Frozen Semen Form and Semen Release Instructions (when releasing individual insemination doses), and Semen Transfer or Destroy Form (when transferring ownership or destruction of a collection) by ‘clicking’ the names of the information you would like to print.

Breeding Information Form (when planning an upcoming breeding with us) and Fresh Chilled Collection and Shipment Form (when sending a fresh chilled collection) can be completed online and submitted to us directly. Questions about this can be directed by email to: [email protected].

We use FedEx OR UPS for Fresh Chilled and Frozen shipments. Shipping charges vary based on date and destination. We can ship within the US.

Frozen Semen is sent in a dry shipper. A dry shipper is an insulated cryogenic flask/container that contains refrigerated liquid nitrogen absorbed into a porous lining. It is used to transport specimens.

We recommend clients contact Zoetis or Sirius Canine Fertility for International Shipping needs at least 30 days prior to a desired shipment as every country has their own regulations and testing that needs to be completed prior to and /or after collection is completed.

We are not responsible for any shipping delays that may occur due to incorrect information, weather or other courier issues.

If shipping for a Saturday delivery, please verify clinic can receive packages on Saturdays.

Credit card information will be required prior to any shipment.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

You can view the forms in PDF format by downloading the free Adobe Acrobat reader.